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Crawford Woods Elementary Awarded Laura Bush Foundation Grant Laura Bush Grant

Today, Crawford Woods Elementary School in Hamilton, Ohio was one of 300 schools from 44 states across the country to receive a $5,000 grant through the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries. T

Building a Paragraph buell paragraph

Students in Ms. Buell's group work together to build a 5-sentence paragraph!

Finding the Evidence! mr. harmon

Students in Mr. Harmon's reading groups focus on using different comprehension strategies. 

Kindergarten Registration is Now Open! KG Reg

If your child will be 5 years old on or before August 1, 2022, it is time to register for Kindergarten. Registration is at our Miami School, located at 140 Ross Ave from 7:30 am until 3:30 pm. No appointments are necessary. Please click here to learn more!

Animal Research Projects in First Grade! animal projects

Students in Miss Barnell and Miss Leighton's class have been researching various animals. Students read books, watched videos, and even conducted their own research on the computer for their selected animal.

100 Year Old Writing! 100 year olds

Our 3rd grade students wrote about the future! They wrote two paragraphs about what they would be doing if they were 100 years old and what the world will be like in 100 years! 

Working Across Subjects Lux Ollis

For the past several weeks Ms. Ollis and Mrs. Lux's class have been working on studying how characters respond to conflict and different types of animals through non-fiction text.

Big Bites! scott big bites

In Ms. Scott and Mrs. Duris's second grade classroom students have been engaging with a text titled Big Bites where we have learned about different animals teeth! 

Candy Math! lparker

Third graders in Mrs. Parker’s classes used candy on Valentine’s Day to make estimate, compare and contrast, and graph. We also explored how Smarties are made! 

African-American History IMitchell BHM

The students in Ms. Mitchell's ELA classes have been celebrating African-American History Month! The students are currently writing research papers about influential African-American people in the areas of politics, science, literature, entertainment, sports and other aspects.

African-American History IMitchell BHM

The students in Ms. Mitchell's ELA classes have been celebrating African-American History Month! The students are currently writing research papers about influential African-American people in the areas of politics, science, literature, entertainment, sports and other aspects.

Smarties Valentines! a cagle valentines

Students practice collecting data and graphing it with smarties during this sweet Valentine's day activity!

ESL Kindergarten ESL

English Learners bring their computers to group to prepare for the annual Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment. Good luck students!

6th Grade E-Learning! chaney

The 6th Grade Team is very proud of our 6th Grade Students participation and effort during Remote Learning. 

Would You Rather? cloffee

Room 104 participated in some festive challenges during the last week of 2021! We partnered up for a math fact review memory game played with Hershey Kisses, and then danced off some energy with a holiday themed "Would You Rather?" activity.

Personification in 6th Grade stoffel

We are reviewing personification just in time for  our Winter MAP benchmark test! Mrs. Johnson’s homeroom is doing personification mini lessons and doing a fun Kahoot! 

5th Grade Fractions rittner

 5th grade is learning how to add and subtract fractions. They are doing a great job and growing a lot!

How To in First Grade! leighton barnell how to

Students in Miss Barnell and Miss Leighton's first grade classroom have been working on how to writing.

Home for the Holidays! brock and ball home for the holidays

Mrs. Brock and Miss Ball’s class learned about their classmates holidays traditions with a fun and interactive family project!

Gingerbread Friends! brandis gingerbread friends

Students in Mrs. Brandis and Mrs. Janszen's first grade classroom took the week to compare and contrast different Gingerbread stories. 

Measuring in K! rogers measuring

Students in kindergarten traced their shoes and used cubes to see how many cubes long their shoe was. 

2nd Grade Music Fun with Rhythm & Shaker Sticks alfaro music

In 2nd Grade Music class, in addition to singing, we are learning about lyrics, tempo, dynamics, pitch, rhythm, and much more. 

Please Report All COVID-19 Positive Cases covid reporting form

If your student tests positive for COVID-19 please communicate this with your student's school by visiting

Exploring Friction With Shoes hd

Mrs. Demmer's students discussed how shoes have different types of bottoms and compared them.  Then, they explored the amount of friction between each shoe and the surface of a book.  

Pumpkin Paragraphs by

 In connection to our main idea and detail focus for reading comprehension, we are also focusing on writing paragraphs with a main idea topic sentence, three supporting detail sentences, and a conclusion sentence. 

Main Idea and Detail Ice Cream Cones buelter young

The main idea is the key concept being expressed because it is the key to understanding what you read.  Supporting details are the reasons, examples, facts, steps, or other kinds of evidence that help explain the main idea. 

Cool Things Happening in Mrs. Lux and Ms. Ollis's Room lux ollis

Second grade students have been mixing in some review of Problem and Solution with some fun holiday themed books. They have been doing wonderful not only doing this but working on restating and writing in complete sentences with capitals and correct ending marks. 

Making Connections in Reading hs

3rd grade students are working hard on making text to text connections, text to self connections, and text to world connections while reading a book of their choosing. 

Trashket Ball Math Review tc

Students team up to review rounding, place value, and comparing numbers, with a basketball twist. If your team gets the answer right, you get a chance to make a basket in the trashcan to score some bonus points! 

Hispanic Heritage Month peach

Ms. Mitchell's 5th grade social studies classes are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month!

Estimation 180 jmcq

In Mrs. McQueary's 5th grade math class we practice our estimation skills with an online estimation game called Estimation 180. 

Curl Up with a Great Book js


Crawford Woods 6th graders in Mrs. Stoffel’s class are working on their summarizing skills as they read a “just right” book. 

5th Grade Students in Small Groups mr

5th Grade math is working on adding and subtracting decimals in small intervention groups!

6th graders see the Scientific Method at Work! bj

6th graders in Mrs. Johnson’s class completed a science experiment to see how different liquids effected the length of gummy bears.

Classroom Community ld

4th grade has been working on building a strong classroom community and learning environment. They worked with partners to make classroom rules posters. Students also learned all about empathy and how to show it! 

2021-2022 School Supply Lists supplies

School supply lists for the 2021-2022 school year, please bring all supplies in on the first day of school. 

2021-22 Accident Insurance Enrollment Form Now Available accident insurance

If you are interested in accident insurance for your children, the 2021-22 Enrollment Form is now available. Please click here to learn more and access the form.